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About me

Hello, hello! My name is Meri Paterson and this is where I write – very intermittently – about things that interest me.

That used to be the business of books – until 2016, I had a job as a business book editor. Then I ‘pivoted’, did an MBA at Imperial College Business School and worked in capital markets technology consulting for six years. (That’s a pivot and a half.) I did similar acrobatics after moving to Espoo, Finland, with my long-suffering British husband and two young sons in 2023, and I’m now a strategy analyst for a large banking and financial services group.

I’d like to say I defy categorisation, but I actually fit quite neatly into several boxes:

  • ‘Other White’ (Finnish)
  • Immigrant
  • INTJ
  • Straight
  • Atheist
  • Libertarian
  • Reluctant millennial
  • Glass-half-full