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Month: November 2013

Publishers, graduates and the morals between them

A week ago I went to the annual Society of Young Publishers (SYP) Conference in Oxford. SYP organise a lot of interesting events aimed at people who are starting out in publishing, and the conference programme was quite heavy on employment-related seminars as well.

I happened to be part of some interesting discussions about graduates and what they can expect in the employment front. The word ‘moral’ came up twice and made me prick my ears up as it was used in a rather matter-of-course manner, whereas I rarely think of employment in terms of morality. I will try to now!

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Spell-checking and other neglected submissions basics

This post is part 2 in a series of posts about submitting an unagented book proposal directly to a publisher. Start reading here!

This part is about making sure the basics of your submission are right. Some of it may seem like common sense and too obvious even to mention, but it’s worth reading through as a checklist even if that’s the case. Sending any kind of application is a tense business and it’s easy to overlook something ‘too obvious to even mention’ because you are so preoccupied – ironically – with trying to get everything just right.

Business, Work & Careers