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Happy days

We have hit some kind of golden days with the two little boys. I wouldn’t say they’re easy to look after, but it’s a day-and-night situation to about two years ago. I’m still keeping my 5-year diary, and there are some dark entries from two years ago in there. To anyone wondering my official recommendation is not to have ‘two under two’ at any point, and stay away from two under three as well.

Our main problem these days is how to get the boys to shut up for five minutes. Big brother may be an introvert but at home and with friends, a constant stream of nonsense bubbles up out of him. We actually asked him why he keeps talking so much. He said he likes it.

Some of the things the 3.5-yo is currently preoccupied with:

  1. What happens if your house is a cloud?
  2. What happens if you get flushed down the toilet?
  3. What happens if the farmer goes on holiday and you step on his animals?
  4. What happens if you have sticky lips?

And these conversations:

Cal: What’s the difference between a nanny and a granny?
Boy: A nanny does help you, and a granny does hug you. [He is having some trouble with irregular verbs, and seems to have figured out that you can append ‘did’ or ‘does’ in front of any verb that seems like a trap, and get around it that way.]

Cal: Would you like a pet someday?
Boy: Yes. A moomin.
Cal: Ok… what’s your second preference?
Boy: A giraffe!

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