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Planner peace

My third Full Focus Planner arrived yesterday. It’s time to acknowledge that I’m into planners. I would really like to get a Hemlock & Oak one, but getting one shipped from Canada seems to be nigh impossible (at a reasonable price). The other day I full-on fantasised about launching a planner importing business that would sell all that Japanese stuff people seem to be really into, as well as the classic American ones like the FFP.

Some other planner stuff I like:

  • Sarah Hart-Unger’s Best Laid Plans podcast
  • The FFP people’s Lead to Win podcast
  • Blush & Gold – this is a UK planner maker that I discovered, but haven’t tried because they’re all sold out at the moment

When I first started listening to planner podcasts I saw myself as a touch above those lunatics, merely having an interest in planners / planning, and suppressing the memories of my bullet journaling days (particularly the washi tape). Then one thing led to another and now I’m just one mildliner away from having an Instagram account. That’s where I draw the mildline though. No Instagram.

The thing I struggle with with regards to my planner identity is that the whole world of planning is so polarised between really touchy-feely stuff that I’d be embarrassed to lug around, and really plain, boring stuff. I’m some kind of an in-between planner personality. I don’t want curly fonts or over-excited affirmations on every page, but I would like a little bit of colour and maybe an inspirational quote every now and then.

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