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Wonder-rich and time-poor

Time has vanished. It used to be that I had pockets of time that I could use for life admin, personal pursuits and other things like that which now are a mere bittersweet memory. The hinge points are the beginning and end of the working day – the mornings start earlier because the nursery run is longer and it takes longer to get ready with all the winter gear. My commute is longer. Also, the kids are in nursery for a full hour less than they were in London.

Those hinges add up to a door that is constantly banging open and shut as we rush around. A couple of things are in play to fix it:

  • Getting into a routine of WFH and WFO days – nursery drop-off is infinitely easier if it’s a home day.
  • Figuring out grocery delivery – we are doing piecemeal shopping after nursery drop-off and bedtime and it’s a lot.
  • Seeing how much easier driving might make the commute – the map app thinks it has potential to shave off 15 minutes, but we’ll see.

I’m excited about the new job. I’ve changed from producing commercial and strategic analysis on and for investment banks to producing strategic analysis inside a retail and corporate bank (OP Financial Group it is), so similar tasks and related but different content. Everything I’ve learned so far makes me think it will be fun, interesting and challenging – all good things.

Being in Finland is making me feel good. Despite the time challenges, I’m in wonder mode – in wonder that we’re here, of the beautiful snow, of reunion with favourite foods, of the ease of dropping in on family.

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