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Yawning through life

I’ve not been feeling in brilliant health lately. Truthfully, I feel old – exercise is taxing, I get out of breath, I always feel tired and maintaining a non-slouching posture is an effort. This is highlighted rather annoyingly by the fact that Cal has gone on an exercise kick and is getting visibly fitter.

I took advantage of my work health insurance and got a battery of blood tests – in a way, if I had a terrible disease then that would at least explain why I feel 120 years old. But nothing turned up. If you ask my blood, BMI and blood pressure, I’m in perfect health. Then why do I catch every bug going and feel so run-down?

You know what you’ve done

One part of it is surely lack of rest. Our nights are back to, I would say, a 2-out-of-5 star rating. The boys wake up a lot between about 10pm and midnight and then again between about 4.30am and 6am. They need a ‘dink’, a tissue, for someone to pull their blanket or generalised sympathy. I can tell you stores are running low on that last one.

We are a cry-it-out kind of family – at least we were when the boys were babies – and have taken a sort of pride in acting on sleep issues rather than accepting that bad sleep is a fact of life. But Cal feels an intervention is overdue and I suppose I agree. It’s just that it means a lot of screaming in the middle of the night. 😩

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