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A lot of pressure to put on a simple dress

My mother has offered to sew me a dress. It will be a kind of long-sleeved tunic dress, boxy fit, very Nordic, very no-nonsense. Last night I was trawling through every website that you can buy fabric from in Finland (there is a very helpful / not helpful list here), getting progressively more wound up because I needed to find The One fabric that would, when I wear the dress, say everything that there is to know about me.

Paju / Willow by PaaPii

That’s a lot to ask of a tunic dress. But I did find one print that fulfilled the main criteria: I wanted strong primary colours with a lot of black; electric blue if possible because I’ve been toying with the idea of a signature colour like Gretchen Rubin talks about, and electric blue might be it. I wanted something Scandi-looking so it would stand out a bit. And it should be plain enough for wearing at work.

This is the one I decided to go with when a) it was 11pm and b) I had exhausted the list of websites on the aforementioned blog. And I think it will be great – I’m at least 80% happy with it!

I so want to start a sewing hobby. Maybe when the boys are a bit bigger and if we have a house with a sewing nook…

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