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The return of vim and vigour

Last night, the toddler slept through and the baby only woke once. In the morning I woke up with that slightly horrible feeling of having slept so deeply that your body didn’t even wake up to correct an awkward position, and things hurt. It’s one of those things you didn’t know you could miss.

I felt great in my brain, though. My focus was better, and so was my mood – but most of all it was great to feel energetic, like you couldn’t wait to do things. This must be one of the ways to differentiate between post-partum depression and simple sleep deprivation: how big is the improvement after one or two nights of good sleep? I diagnose myself with a severe case of post-partum annoyance.

I admired Dawn Capital‘s habit (?) of writing a ‘why we invested’ blog post about their portfolio companies. One I read and particularly liked was this one about AccessFintech. It’s written like a blog post, not a stuffy press release, which is unusual and nice.

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