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Pep talk

We’ve had such a slew of bad nights again – without my posts from last week the memory of good nights would already have faded from my frazzled mind.

At least someone is sleeping in my bed

I wanted to give myself a pep talk this morning but nothing was coming. I asked Cal to help me out and he delivered this:

We have two beautiful boys. You have an exceptionally attractive husband and a job you quite enjoy. The sleep problems are severe, but we’re taking steps to resolve them. So there’s every reason to believe that things will get better.

It’s not bad. Maybe I would have started with a compliment to me instead of the kids and himself, but no one is a smith from birth, as the Finns say.

The ‘steps’ we are taking refers to the baby moving back into our bedroom today. He’s getting woken up by the toddler’s nightly serenades to his parents – some hits:

  • Dad, Dad, I Want a Cuddle
  • Äiti, I’m Talking to You, Where Are You?, and the indomitable
  • What’s Happened to My Blanket.

This way at least the Paterson Boy Choir can limit its activity to matinee performances.

I saw this meme earlier and thought it was funny because it’s true:

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