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Definitive ranking of orange-flavoured chocolate treats

There is a bit of a trend in orange-flavoured chocolate at the moment. I’ve been doing loads of market research. The best chocolate orange treats around, in order, are:

  1. M&S Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate Orange Biscuits (triumph of flavour and texture, working in addictive combo)
  2. Chocolate orange buns from the Pear Tree Kitchen (a wonderful weekend treat with a cuppa)
  3. Lindt LINDOR Milk Orange Bar (so gooey)
  4. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Orange Chocolate Bar (GIANT)
  5. Terry’s Chocolate Orange (ever-so-slightly too sweet)
  6. Nakd Cocoa Orange Fruit & Nut Bar (perfect for when I want to pretend to eat healthily)
  7. KitKat Orange (could be more orangey)

I’m normally a sucker for all Cadbury chocolate, but I didn’t like the Winter Orange Edition. There was a secondary flavour, supposedly some Christmassy spice, that didn’t work for me. I also have yet to try the Toblerone Orange Twist which seems a significant oversight.

Research efforts are on-going.

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