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New and improved

My older son turned three at the end of the year, and it was the first time his birthday felt like what you think of as a kid’s birthday with eager anticipation and a party with his friends. In previous years we hadn’t made a big deal of it, because of both Covid and because he had no idea what a birthday was.

‘I’m three!’ Or four, or ninety – numbers and ages remain a fluid concept.

Some new things about my three-year-old: he can use the word ‘otherwise’ correctly, he has started to treat his little brother more like a pet than an annoyance, and last week he was scared of a monster in the middle of the night for the first time.

He also now qualifies as a ‘child’ that you have to pay for for the purposes of a lot of events and venues, and on the digital thermometer he uses the same setting as Cal and I do – 36 months and older. A milestone birthday clearly.

My own birthday was yesterday. New things about me now that I’m 37 (or, lately): I have decided to start abandoning books. I have made it a point of pride that I always finish books, but the time has come to acknowledge that it’s not serving me, as they say. I haven’t set out the rules for when a book can be given up on yet, but there will be some ground rules. It’s just a New Year’s resolution, not the Wild West over here.

I have also started to use makeup primers, o ho, and stepped up my note-taking game with a reMarkable 2 that Father Christmas brought me. I got a reMarkable for my birthday three years ago and have loved it, and the new version seems to have a handful of great improvements. Very pleased with it so far.

I celebrated with a birthday lunch at the Finnish Church, complete with Finnish coffee and a cinnamon bun and angelic children playing with stuffed Moomins. Life is good.

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