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Productive and / or enjoyable

One recent epiphany I had while mulling over where my time goes was that I could do more with my mornings. I was staying up late, not doing anything particularly productive nor enjoyable, then sleeping in every other morning when it wasn’t my turn to get up with the boys.

You don’t have to be a genius to see where this is going, but I had got into a rut and not really thought about it. But once I did it seemed obvious I should go to bed earlier, then wake up earlier with more energy and do something either productive or enjoyable every other morning.

That was about three weeks ago, and I have had a morning with some time for all that exactly once. The boys changed their tactic. Instead of getting up at 6am, they now wake up at 7-7.30am. Oh, the injustice.

The Thames on the first morning of the new year

Otherwise I’m loving the new year so far. I’m actually enjoying myself so much that it feels chemical, like a gland somewhere has woken up and started pumping serotonin into my bloodstream. It’s made me think about how powerful the chemical side of depression probably is.

I think my serotonin-addled state is just the result of increasing feelings of agency and control as the baby year recedes further into the rear-view mirror. Our routine with the weekly evenings off is working for me in particular, and wielding my new reMarkable and new bright yellow Q1 Full Focus Planner in perfectly choreographed unison is a productivity buff’s wet dream. Tonight is a night off and it’s going to be a quiet one involving sauna and a book.

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