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Pleasant distractions

We are still in lovely Northamptonshire. It’s starting to feel like we did move – and now we live here. A confused friend even sent me a text saying, ‘How was the trip to Finland?’. If I was more suggestible I would be starting to think this was the plan all along. Thanks for asking, the trip to Finland was… okay?

More concerns about the move have appeared as I’ve been living it large with my in-laws. Two main areas of concerns: the loss of mince pies from my life and the loss of sticky toffee pudding from my life, my favourite pudding in the world. I had a truly spectacular specimen of the latter at a pub on the weekend as a goodbye treat. I suppose I could make those at home? After all, in 13 years of living in the UK, I made Karelian pasties at home about three times.

Watch this, watch this

A couple of distractions worth mentioning: I’m a new convert to Wordle! I played it one day and the next day I downloaded the associated app and paid £24.99 for a year’s subscription. It’s one of those things like LibraryThing where I immediately know that this will be a hit with me and something I would be delighted to spend money on. The other puzzles on the app are good too, but difficult – I identify as a wordy, puzzly kind of person, but these have me really stumped. Especially the one called Letter Boxed.

The 3 is from today, so I’m improving!

I’m still doing my new year’s resolution of giving up on books if I don’t like them, and I’m probably not far enough into The Startup Wife yet to say for sure I will finish, but it’s promising. Interestingly, it was written before the public launch of ChatGPT and there is a scene where an app that uses an AI language model blows the minds of some potential investors. To me, reading it with my Chatty-geeps-jaded goggles on, it seemed quite a basic thing and I was a bit mystified as to the reaction of those investors, until I remembered that less than a year ago that kind of tech blew my mind too. It’s not fair, really, how quickly people readjust their expectations.

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