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The world will keep on turning

I have a sense of foreboding regarding the next few weeks at work. Maybe this or some other anxiety caused me to have my first real nightmare in a long time.

Incidentally, I haven’t had many dreams that I can remember at all since the toddler was born – apparently you need a minimum level of restedness to have / remember your dreams.

In my nightmare I was home alone and looking out of some glass patio doors at a herd of charging bison and realising they were going to crash into the house with enormous force. There was a Jurassic Park-esque moment later on where I peeked through a curtain and a sweaty, monstrously large bison’s head was right up against the window. 

I’m increasingly turning to my mantra of ‘things are going all right’ and trying to pop any ballooning doomsday-mongering internal monologues before they get too doom-y. It is the objective truth, after all, I’m not doing manifesting – everyone is healthy, work is busy but otherwise good, etc.

What’s nice about the next little while at work is that I’m definitely going to come out of it knowing something I didn’t going in.

We have been slowly building up to more buyside tech expertise from a base of more sellside-focused foundation, and we have a few projects and prospects starting very soon which will be the test of those capabilities.

There’s one project in particular that will give us the chance to formalise a lot of the material we have into one (hopefully) coherent and flowing whole. And all going well, that exercise can form the basis of a lot more buyside tech work in the future.

I would like to get a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to use at work, but every pair I’ve ever tried starts hurting my head after a while. It’s either that the ‘bridge’ part pulls on my hair, or that it weighs on the my funny-shaped skull in the wrong way.

I’m the phrenologist’s dream. I’m not only missing the little bump that most people have at the back of their head but I also have a fairly pronounced ridge down the middle of it. I’m either a genius or a sociopath.

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