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A day to myself is a day to the to-do list

We are anticipating a busy couple of months at work, so I seized an opportunity for a pre-rush mental health day. For me this tends to consist of to-do-list ticking and some form of a spa-type treatment. So today I am getting a pedicure and taking care of a few things that have to be done in the house, but can’t really be accomplished with the kids around.

There’s a Finnish word for those busy years of your life when your children are little, maybe you have a big job title for the first time and you have bought a house, etc, which I’ll translate as ‘the crowded years’. A lot of activity, a lot of people, a lot of moving parts. Someone should write one of those books about it, you know: Ruuhkavuodet – The Finnish Art of Losing Your Mind.

Notice to publishers: I’m Finnish and available

I don’t exactly know how you get through the crowded years with your sanity in place, but supposedly you then miss the crush later on. I don’t know. Whenever I’ve been somewhere hectic and crowded, I love coming home to a quiet house. Correction: loved – my house is never quiet…!

Before I had children, I read an article about the particular struggle someone felt as an introverted mother with the fact that she can never have time just to herself. It’s here (in Finnish). Well, I’m introverted and it very nearly put me off having any myself. And it has turned out to be true. What I most crave is not time to go out with my friends or go to baby groups, but time to ditch everyone else and just do my own things. Speaking of – tootle-oo.

My new favourite fintech-meets-current-events meme:

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