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AI vs toddler

When you’re as to-do-list-oriented as me, coming back from holiday is extra stressful. A lot of regularly scheduled tasks have not been done and the email inbox is Schrodinger’s Container of Doom. As long as I don’t open it, there simultaneously is and isn’t an email in there telling me I have a new energy bill to view. What has helped me this time is remembering that I’m the one that bloody set up these regularly occurring tasks and they’re just meant to be aide-mĂ©moires. So I say, ‘everything is going fine’, and try to believe it.

A few funny things from the last few days:

LinkedIn Viral Post Generator. The ‘AI-generated’ posts are nearly indistinguishable from real stuff I see on LinkedIn.

‘You’re gonna be a LinkedIn influencer!’

The robots are also coming to real estate. Look at this:

Lastly, the toddler was looking at his stuffed bunny (called Munny) and said: ‘Munny doesn’t have hands. He only got arms. [long pause] I’ve got pink fingers.’ The analysis was clearly complete so I just said ‘yes’. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to create a Kids Say the Darndest Things insight generator. Would it be easier or harder than making a regular chatbot? On the one hand, you don’t need it to make much sense, but on the other the nonsense should have a kind of idiot-savant quality to it…

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