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Complete list of all stock exchanges

I’m working on a project on stock exchanges, and while trying to find out how many there were in the world, I discovered that it’s very difficult to find a complete list that is up to date. So I made one! (There are about 240.) I have made an effort to weed out dead ones, check for broken links, etc, but if you spot any mistakes or exchanges that are missing, please tell me in the comments or email me.

You can see the list here, or download an Excel version here.

What’s included?

I have only included exchanges that:

  • are active
  • trade stocks (equities). I have only included exchanges that trade equities, because that’s what’s relevant to my project. If an exchange deals in equities as well as other instruments, it’s included, but pure options, commodity or currency exchanges, for example, are not. Sorry.
  • are independent or semi-independent. What I mean by the latter is, for example, the three exchanges of the Baltic countries, which are part of Nasdaq Baltic but also have stock exchange buildings in those countries and are commonly referred to as the Tallinn Stock Exchange, etc. As a contrast, I have not included exchanges which were acquired outright by another exchange, such as the Boston Stock Exchange, or merged with another exchange to form a completely new exchange, such as the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange (now part of B3). I welcome comments on this rationale.

The Excel version also includes:

  • a tab where I have placed exchanges that I found not to be functioning anymore. This list is not complete, it simply records exchanges that were part of my original data (see Sources, below) but don’t seem to be out there anymore.
  • a tab where I record upcoming stock exchanges that are not live yet.
  • The version of the official MICs that I used.


SVNet – World Stock Exchanges

Wikipedia – List of stock exchanges

ISO 10383 Codes for Exchanges and Market Identification (MIC)

Solactive List of Approved Regulated Stock Exchanges


404Checkr (a free tool for identifying broken links in bulk)

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