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Things I’m not looking forward to

There must be a good bunch of people actively manifesting heatwaves in London, because we’re getting another one this week. This time we’re staying on the right side of 40°C, but still – who could enjoy 34°C?! Heatwaves are in the same category of things so annoying that your head could explode with impotent rage. You can’t opt out. Neighbours having late-night parties is the same. It’s hard to get philosophical at 2am, lying in your bed, listening to bimbos (and himbos) having a loud and boring conversation about another bimbo not currently present.

The baby has had a rocky start to nursery. He is a cry-at-dropoff-er. When the toddler started nursery we were delighted that he would just walk in and not look back, ready for his third breakfast. We felt sorry for other parents who we saw creeping nervously towards the entrance with a child whose bottom lip was wobbling dangerously. Now we are those parents. I complained to my mother who said ‘like mother, like son’. 🙄

We have agreed to a cool 32% rent increase. ‘Agreed’ is perhaps a strong word. It’s a good thing the schools research is yielding some insights as it makes me feel like we have a bit of agency to change our circumstances. Yesterday we looked at the map of good schools and identified a few hotspots: near Westcombe Park in Greenwich, near Hither Green station and in Forest Hill. A quick Rightmove search suggests that renting and buying is cheaper in those areas than in Zone 2, which would be a nice bonus. We don’t have any existing knowledge of those neighbourhoods, but having come up with them through my own efforts I feel a slight affinity already. Hither Green looks particularly promising.

But I would still rather stay where I am.

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